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REVIEW: Four important love lessons from ‘One Great Love’ the movie

‘One Great Love’ is more than just about how to move on from heartbreak.


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12/25/2018 6:00 AM
REVIEW: Four important love lessons from ‘One Great Love’ the movie


Kim Chiu’s latest drama with Dennis Trillo and JC De Vera may look like just another love triangle story but beneath the surface it teaches us a lot more about love than we think we know. Whether you’ve ever been in love or still getting over a broken heart, One Great Love touches the heart with his life and love lessons the whole way.

4. ”Letting go is different from moving on”

Throughout the movie, Kim Chiu’s character Xyra is constantly trying to find it in herself to get over her first love but slowly realizes that she has been doing it wrong because letting go of someone does not mean you really stop being in love with them. 

3. ”Learn to leave the past in the past”

As JC De Vera’s character Carl comes in and out of Xyra’s (Kim Chiu) life, no matter how romantic and serendipitous it may seem, it only serves to cause more problems for both of them than it does to make them happy in the long run.

2. ”There is no forever, just one great love”

As one character in the movie aptly points out, there can be no forever because no one can live until forever. What we can have in this lifetime is one great love who can make life happier and worth living for.

1. ”A true great love has no ending, just lots of happy beginnings”

As Kim Chiu’s character eventually finds out in the movie, chasing your romantic dreams does not always translate into happy endings, but learning to recognize who truly loves you, consistently and genuinely, is how you will find that one great love.

One Great Love is Regal Films’ entry to the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival, starring Kim Chiu, Dennis Trillo, and JC De Vera. Directed by Eric Quizon.