Xian Lim reveals bullies made his life ‘hell’

Xian Lim regrets not speaking up when he got bullied as a child.



12/22/2018 2:04 PM
Xian Lim reveals bullies made his life ‘hell’

Photo credit to: @xianlimm IG

After the issue of bullying at the Ateneo Junior Highschool made headlines, Xian Lim took to Instagram to recall his past experience with bullies, which made his life ‘hell.’

“I had no friends. I was called a loser for being an introvert and not knowing how to talk to other kids. I was called a FOB for having really strong accent. Kids would beat me up and spit on me and made my life hell,” he wrote.

When Xian tried to defend himself by speaking up, the more he got bullied.

“I spoke up one time and snitched which resulted in me getting beat up some more, kicked in the face and have a knife pointed in my neck. So I stayed quiet,” he said.

“Bullies told me that I would get stabbed if I were to snitch on them,” he added.

Xian was also forced to “eat his lunch in the bathroom” and “kept his lunch money in his underwear” in case bullies get to check his pockets.

He also lied to his mom and said, “I didn’t want to go to school. I made up excuses and told my mom I felt sick. I did not feel safe.”

Xian then encouraged other victims to speak up since he wasn’t able to do that before.

“Huge mistake I made was I kept quiet because I was scared. I did not tell my parents. I did not tell the authorities,” he said. “If you’re being bullied right now, please speak up. We are here for you. There are others like you who feel scared and defeated.”