EXCLUSIVE: Inigo Pascual, sinabing pinag-iipunan na ang planong pagpapatayo ng bahay para sa kanyang nanay

Inigo Pascual also shares why saving money is important.



12/22/2018 11:30 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Inigo Pascual, sinabing pinag-iipunan na ang planong pagpapatayo ng bahay para sa kanyang nanay
Photos credit: @inigopascual IG

For someone like Inigo Pascual who is already earning his own money at a young age, saving up for the future is essential. That said, Inigo shared how he handles his earnings.

"Well, ako I mean, more than really saving, siyempre I don't really buy anything expensive. Ako talaga sobrang simple lang naman. I'm literally good with [a] white shirt naman and not into so much branded things. Siguro ang ginagawa ko is I consult my parents about it, my handlers, my management. A lot of my savings is into my insurance siyempre," Inigo said in an exclusive interview with PUSH at the SM and BDO Pamaskong Handog 2018 event.

Inigo's dad, Piolo Pascual, who is known for his various business ventures, offers him financial advice. One such suggestion is to spend only when necessary. 

"My dad always reminds me, 'If you don't have to buy something right now, if it's not something that you need at the moment, then don't buy it kasi, in the long run, you don't know if you might need that money,”" he said. 

"Saka minsan when you save little money, you won't realize that after a long time that's a lot already. So 'yung maliit na ginagawa mo kunyari you spend this much a day on something that you don't really need but you just feel like having, kunyari coffee or whatever, you can buy coffee that's cheaper but you want to buy the expensive coffee. When you do that a couple of times a day, that adds up to a lot of money. So simple things like that. Siguro I have to think more practical siguro when it comes to buying," he added.

Though Inigo admitted that one of his greatest investments is putting his money in insurance, he also revealed he is already saving up money for the house that he plans to build for his mom Donnabelle Lazaro.

"At the moment, insurance is my biggest investment. Another thing siguro is I'm really saving for my mom's place - I mean to get her a house. Wala pa malinaw. So by next year sana I'm able to do it. Pero in terms of investment, wala pa naman masyadong malalaki na investment.

"You know, my Dad's into this business stuff that he's doing. I shadow him and I like to go into those mga meetings. So someday sana masabi ko I'm my Dad's business partner," he stated.

Inigo also gave a piece of advice to millennials who are struggling to save up money. 

Ang masasabi ko sa mga millennials na nahihirapan mag-handle ng money is not just be practical but also think about what you need and what you don’t need in certain situations. Tsaka di naman masama to have fun, to spend for yourself. Pero siguro you make sure that you have a limit and you have a budget that you have for the week. Mas maganda kung meron ka nang budget na ilalagay mo for the time that you have imbis na ‘yung basta may pera ka lang, ‘cause ‘di ba some people what they do is as long as you have money, you just keep spending, spending. So kailangan magtabi ka rin ng savings mo,” he stated.