Maricel Laxa, Anthony Pangilinan renew wedding vows

The celebrity couple was wed for the second time by the same pastor that officiated their marriage.


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12/21/2018 6:06 PM
Maricel Laxa, Anthony Pangilinan renew wedding vows

Photo credit: @donny (L) . anthonypangilinan (R) IG

Marking their 25th wedding anniversary, celebrity couple Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa had their renewal of vows in an intimate gathering last Wednesday at Edsa Shang-Ri La in Manila.

Present in the special occasion were their children Donny, Hannah, Benjamin, Ella, and Solana.

25 years strong. My brother and I walked my mom down the aisle (a.k.a. our hotel room) as we played the same song they played in their wedding 25 years ago, and as my dad waited to say yes to her again, beside Pastor Gus, the same pastor that wed them.

These two renewed their vows last night. I am so blessed to call them my parents. Thank you mom and dad for being the foundation of our family. I would not have it any other way. Happy anniversary, love birds,” wrote their firstborn on Instagram last Thursday, along with a series of photos taken from the wedding. 



Anthony also shared a photo re-enactment with Maricel from their nuptials way back in 1993. 

Re-enacted this from 25 years ago. ‘Di pa rin ako sanay, ninenerbyos pa rin. Maybe that’s the key,” confessed the life coach. 



Re-enacted this from 25 years ago. Di pa rin ako sanay, ninenerbyos pa rin. Maybe that’s the key.

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It’s no secret that the pair previously went through a rough patch and was originally to separate. In an interview with Philippine Star, Maricel revealed why they ended up not pushing through with the plan. 

A lot of my decisions are based on my feelings. I’m emotional, creative, spontaneous. I act according to the moment. But if there’s one thing that convinces me that we made the right choice to come back together, is the fact that I made a choice. I did not base it on my feelings. At that time I did not want it anymore; I did not want to have to deal with problems. I made the choice and after that, I fell in love with him. So the feeling came after I made the choice. It wasn’t the other way around. 

Next, when I see my children now, I know I have made the right decision to marry the man who would be the father of my children because I can never imagine myself being married to someone else bringing up the kind of children I have. I had four children in five years,” said the former actress.