Lotlot de Leon, husband exchange heartfelt wedding vows

“I was scared to really fall in love again, and to even allow someone to be part of my life,” confessed the veteran actress to her now-husband, Lebanese entrepreneur Fadi El Soury, as they exchanged vows during their intimate wedding last Monday.


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12/20/2018 11:25 AM
Lotlot de Leon, husband exchange heartfelt wedding vows

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She may have failed the first time around, but Lotlot de Leon is willing to give love another try with her partner and now-husband, Lebanese entrepreneur Fadi El Soury.

The couple has officially tied the knot last Monday in an intimate garden wedding ceremony, where all of Lotlot’s children and close family, including her father Christopher de Leon and sister Matet de Leon, were noticeably present.

During their exchanging of vows, the veteran actress became emotional as she looked back on her life prior to meeting Fadi almost six years ago. 

“There have been so many things that have happened to my life before I met you, which I have learned from. I was scared to really fall in love again, and to even allow someone to be part of my life. But you were just persistent. You didn’t want to let me be. And I thank you for that,” confessed Lotlot.

The Kapuso star said that it was when she learned to let go of her worries that God answered her prayers through her husband.

“Thank you for not making me feel alone when I’m sad. Thank you for putting a smile on my face all the time, and making sure that I am OK. Thank you for being there. Thank you for choosing to be with me. I love you, Fadi,” said Lotlot.

The same goes for Fadi, who said in his vow that Lotlot has been the force that keeps him going in life ever since. 

“And then you came into my life, and I found a meaning to live. You complete me. You keep teaching me every day how to love myself. And how to cherish the love we have,” said Fadi.


I want to begin by saying Thank you to everyone who has helped Fadi and I organize our special day. Ms.Rhed, to our wedding coordinator for accepting to be part of this journey with us and for helping us put together an amazing team in such short notice. We would have been lost without you! Axle and Ms. Lyn did an amazing job and took really good care of everything! Salamat! [email protected] @amantefleurs To Mother Jay, you made everything look just as I dreamt it would and more! You have exceeded our expectations. From the flowers to the settings. Everything just looked perfect! Thank you! To Sir Rudy and Maam Zaida, owners of @eljardindezaida Fadi and I found paradise in your beautiful place. I can't imagine saying our vows for each other anywhere else. Plus the food was amazing! Ms. Monica and Sir Ramil maraming salamat sa pag aasikaso sa amin. Ms. Char Tinio, we are blessed with a beautiful remembrance of our wedding day because of you. From all the photographs and videos taken by @niceprintphoto team who were incredibly funny and full of energy. Salamat! Ms. Zandra Lim, you have perfected the vision of how I dreamt my wedding dress should be and how my groom was dashingly handsome. My entourage looked perfect in all their attires! You are like a fairy godmother to me. Thank you! @zandralimdesigns Sis Toni Aviles, it was our first time to meet and I am just amazed by how much you made me look so fresh and beautiful that day. Thank you for watching over me and being so kind! @toniaviles Rakel Ilustre, you have been so kind to us. The earings you sent were just perfect for our special day! You rock! @loverocksjewelry Special thank you's to: @honeyglazecakes for the most beautiful and delicious cake! @printdivas For our beautiful invites @knotvillefavors For our amazing souvenirs @lstsoundmobile For our Led Wall and beautiful lights @pikulyar_photography You guys are the BEST!!!! THANK YOU!!! 🙏❤

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With this, Fadi promised to devote his whole life to his wife from thereon. 

“I don’t believe in love at first sight, but with you, from the moment that I met you, I knew that I am going to build a life with you. You complete me. I love you with all my heart, and I’m going to spend my whole life proving to you the love that I have for you. You complete me,” said Fadi.

Lotlot was first married to former matinee idol Ramon Christopher Gutierrez, whom she had her four children with, Janine, Diego, Maxine, and Jessica. They separated in 2010.