Calvin Abueva appears in Vice Ganda’s Boracay vlog

Seen in the last few minutes of the vlog was the It’s Showtime host introducing Calvin to his mother, Rosario Viceral.


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12/18/2018 12:23 PM
Calvin Abueva appears in Vice Ganda’s Boracay vlog

Photo credit: @insideshowbiz on IG/ Vice Ganda's YT video

Vice Ganda’s latest Youtube vlog features highlights of his vacation in the newly renovated Boracay back in November, wherein he seems to have had the best time with friends and close family—particularly his mother Rosario Viceral—despite their short stay.

But it wasn’t until during the last few minutes of the video that the real shocker came. Titled “Tutoy With Nanay sa Bora”, the 12-minute clip revealed basketball star and the It’s Showtime host’s rumored boyfriend, Calvin Abueva, having dropped by at the resort Vice and his company were staying at then. This, despite the comedian’s previous claims that their meeting on the island was purely coincidental.

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However, the video got cut short right at the part where Vice was about to introduce Calvin to his mother, indicating that a part two of the vlog is set to hit fans sooner than later. 

Despite hints of a possible romance, Vice and Calvin have time and again made it clear to the public that they’re nothing but friends. Nevertheless, both have never shied away from showing affection towards each other, with the athlete just recently giving a bouquet of flowers to the Unkabogable star at a pageant in Pampanga, and Vice having called his friend the “sunshine” of his life at the moment.



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