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Artists air their disappointment over rescheduled free concert

See tweets from Quest, Juan Miguel Severo, Moira dela Torre and many more artists who were slated to perform on the show.


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12/10/2018 12:18 PM
Artists air their disappointment over rescheduled free concert

Photo credit: @saabmagalona/ @moirarachelle/ @kz on IG

With the unexpected number of people who went to see the free concert at the Mall of Asia grounds last Friday, the show’s organizer, Coca Cola, and the authorities were forced to cancel and reschedule the show for their safety, naturally leaving the crowd to their disappointment. It was reported that it exceeded the capacity of 15,000 attendees as the count was said to have reached 20,000.

However, it weren’t only concertgoers who were let down with how the show turned out to be. Even artists who were slated to perform in the concert were disheartened by the fact that they didn’t get to perform for their fans. For one, singer Quest, who had to deliver the unfortunate news onstage, revealed that he felt “drained” after receiving boos and hisses from the crowd. 

“Getting cussed at and booed by thousands of people is bad energy. And it drains out whatever good energy you have,” wrote Quest in a tweet on the same night. 





Spoken word artist and singer Juan Miguel Severo, host Saab Magalona, IV of Spades’ Blaster Silonga and Zild Benitez, and Moira dela Torre also turned to Twitter to express their love for their fans and wish for their well-being. 


Meanwhile, December Avenue’s frontman Zel Bautista directed his disappointment towards the unruly attendees. “Just because it's free doesnt mean na wala na din tayong disiplina [sic]. All efforts to control the crowd were done by [Coca Cola] especially [Quest] but of course it starts within ourselves! Sayang for most people who were there to enjoy and sa artists who were excited to perform,” mused the singer, who ended his statement by saying that the event should serve as a wake-up call to fans. 


As per Quest’s announcement, the rescheduled concert is set to take place next year.