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Tony Labrusca on doing sexy thrillers: ‘Feeling ko lahat ng Filipino are actually malibog’

Tony Labrusca talks about his second movie that shows off his muscular physique.


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11/7/2018 9:25 AM
Tony Labrusca on doing sexy thrillers: ‘Feeling ko lahat ng Filipino are actually malibog’

After making waves with his first indie project Double Twisting Double Back, Tony Labrusca stars in another suspense thriller ML which was also part of this year's Cinemalaya Film Festival where it emerged one of the top-grossing films in the event's history. "I'm just happy that my introduction was through indie kasi dun niyo talaga mailalabas yung passion niyo as an actor. So I'm just really happy about that," he shared.

Tony said he was lucky to be given two challenging projects to start off his movie career. "I've never believed in destiny more than this year. I can't explain it. It's not like I have the option to even pick and choose my movies. It's that these movies come to me and they happen to be very meaningful. And they happen to be projects that I do want to be part of," he shared.

With almost all his projects showing off his muscular physique (including the digital movie Glorious with Angel Aquino), Tony dispelled the notion that he will be more daring in future projects. "Honestly, I didn't intend to do sexy films. I hope people know that. Pero I think the director kasi, it's not about being sexy, it's about love is love and that's what rules," he said.

The ML star also said he hopes Pinoys will be more open when it comes to their sexual side and accept that it is a normal part of human nature. "I want to say this, feeling ko lahat ng Filipino [are] actually malibog so normal yun. So I don't think it's intense, I think it's normal. Everybody does that. I think that's what the director wanted to portray. It sounds weird but I want to get that [off] of my chest na I want people to be used to hearing that kasi normal po siya. It's normal all around the world. Mahilig talaga ang mga tao, you know what I mean? Like that's how we're made. Unless asexual ka," he explained.

Tony said he hopes people will stop focusing on the shock value of nudity and appreciate the stories that are being told in films. "I think people always ask, 'How daring will you be’ or ‘will you be willing to go naked’ or ‘mag-frontal ka ba?' I think that's the wrong question to ask. I think what you should be asking is the substance of the film. Because there's a movie where you'll just take your top off to show your boobs but that's just to show your boobs. But what if you're taking off your top because you're about to make love to the person that you love the most in that movie. You know what I mean? So I feel like that's a different context. I want people to stop thinking about just sex, just taking their clothes off, just frontal nudity, just for pasabog. I think pick your jobs because it's meaningful to you. And then that's up to you and your director to choose if that's something you're open to do. I don't think movies should just be about sexiness and nudity. I think it should be about substance," he added.