Tony Labrusca on dating: 'Laging matrona yung nagkakagusto sa akin'

Tony Labrusca shares how he feels about dating older women.

Tony Labrusca on dating: 'Laging matrona yung nagkakagusto sa akin'-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/06/2018 05:00 PM
Tony Labrusca on dating: 'Laging matrona yung nagkakagusto sa akin'

After topping this year's Cinemalaya Film Festival, the suspense thriller ML finally gets its nationwide run in cinemas starting November 7 and lead actor Tony Labrusca shared that he hopes the film can educate the younger generation about how Martial Law affected Filipinos. "I really want to encourage the millenials and the rising generation, Gen Z, to really be aware of their surroundings and to be aware of how the society around them affects them kasi we live in a crazy world these days. If there's a lesson, I want them to know na the world is very real and I hope they know how the world affects them," he shares during the ML presscon held last November 6 in Quezon city.

 Apart from ML, Tony is also making waves online after the trailer for his digital movie Glorious with Angel Aquino hit 9 million views in just three days. "Guys gusto kong sabihin na pati ako hindi ko kinaya. Shookt din ako (laughs). Angel Aquino is a lovely woman and I'm very, very lucky and thankful na siya yung ka-partner ko," he revealed.



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In real life, Tony admitted it is not impossible for him to date an older woman. "Actually sa totoo lang, hindi masyado nagkakagusto sa akin yung mga girls na age ko, laging matrona yung nagkakagusto sa akin. Kaya nakakatuwa na biglang umabot sa point na nagka-movie na ako about that situation (laughs). I don't know why but maybe it's because I was raised by a woman so maybe I just have a little bit more of a sensitive side that older women like, I'm not sure," he explained. 

After shooting for seven days with Angel, Tony shared how he got over the initial awkwardness. "I did not prepare for the role (laughs). We both just had a sense of respect for each other and I'll speak for myself because I was very shy and I was honest with her about how I felt and we both just tried to help each other out. It took a while (to not be awkward) but me and Angel just had so much respect for each other. And she's really just a lovely person to work with," he remarked.

Even though he has been busy promoting ML (which also stars Eddie Garcia), Tony says he is thankful for all the feedback on Glorious from netizens including those who enjoyed his kissing scenes with Angel. "Thank you so much for the positive feedback and I'm really happy everyone appreciates it. I'm just so grateful for the response. Honestly, hindi ako nababastos sa mga sinasabi nila so I'm just happy na nag-su-support sila," he added.