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EXCLUSIVE: Coraleen Waddell says she will raise her baby in the Philippines

Coraleen Waddell talks about her whirlwind romance and married life.



11/30/2018 10:46 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Coraleen Waddell says she will raise her baby in the Philippines
Photo credit to: @coraleenwaddell IG

After being part of Pinoy Big Brother last year, model-turned-actor Coraleen Waddell never imagined that a lot would happen in a span of one year. Apart from getting married last August, the Fil-American beauty is now also expecting the arrival of her baby by the middle of next year. “My husband now, we never dated. We just dated and got married. We were friends for eight years and parang we were always flirting but I didn’t know that he was serious. Akala ko linalandian lang niya ako. That he was just joking. Baka he’s just like that with everyone. Eh hindi pala. And he came one day and said, ‘It’s always been you. It’s been you all along.’ Natunaw na talaga ako. Sige na nga (laughs),” she shares. 

Coraleen admitted her marriage to fellow model Terence Lloyd was a welcome change in her life. “Sa totoo lang, I always had a crush on him. He’s a little bit of everybody I ever liked in my life. May kapiraso siya of everyone I was ever attracted to. I was like, ‘Totoo ba ito? This is crazy.’ You know how can he be a little bit of everything? And siguro that’s what it is. Siguro that’s why you know it’s meant to be. When you find all your favorite flavors in one dish. Our married life far, so good. It hasn’t been very long but I feel that yung dedication niya sa akin, yung commitment niya sa akin at yung mga advice na binibigay niya sa akin, I couldn’t find in anybody else. And he gives me patience and he teaches me things that I don’t think any other man would be able to. We’re about the same age, just a few months’ difference,” she said.

Even though she has not been in showbiz that long, Cora said her giving birth will not put an abrupt end to her career. “Yes of course I want to fulfill my contracts. But I won’t be doing it to the point that I couldn’t breastfeed or I couldn’t take some time to take care of a newborn baby. I hear this a lot but in the States hindi kami ganun eh. In the States, working mothers and working women are treated the same way and I feel like, the way that society is now, I think we’re a lot more open-minded and accepting of people being able to do two things at once. Like look at ate Bianca (Gonzalez) she is a power mother, and Ms. Marian (Rivera). All these women are very inspiring to me and I hope that I can inspire other women. Just because you had a baby or chose love doesn’t mean you can’t work. My gosh that’s crazy. May bills (to pay) pa rin di ba?” she explained.

Cora said she and her husband have already decided to give birth and raise their baby in the country. “So far, so good with my pregnancy. In the beginning I was a bit carsick. I didn’t want to travel much in cars because I would get nauseous but now it’s not so bad. No problems so far. I plan to stay here for years and years. My husband has committed to staying here as well,” she said