Sharon Cuneta speaks up about daughter KC’s boyfriend Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart

Sharon Cuneta also clears up some urban myths.

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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11/28/2018 08:37 AM
Sharon Cuneta speaks up about daughter KC’s boyfriend Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart
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On Tonight with Boy Abunda, Megastar Sharon Cuneta denied some urban myths about her. One of such myth is that there’s always a sumptuous buffet including lechon in her dressing room.

Sharon laughed this off and said, “’Di naman totoo yung laging may buffet. ‘Pag medyo alam naming gagabihin… or aabutin ng lunch or dinner. Tatanungin ko na kung anong gustong kainin tapos lista niyo na lang I’ll just give money para magpabili… you take care of your people.”

About the lechon, Sharon laughed and said, “The lechon is not true… siguro may nagregalo.” Asked if she shared the lechon, Sharon said, “Yes, alangan namang ubusin ko yung lechon.” 

Another rumor about her that she brushed off was that she gives away diamond jewelry in her dressing room, Sharon gasped, “Oh my God, hindi naman.”

Asked to describe her relationship with her eldest daughter KC, Sharon shared, “We’re in a good place. I wish it were a better place but we’re in a good place kasi she’s adult na, she has her own life na e.”

Sharon was also very vocal about Pierre Emmanuel-Plassart, KC’s current beau. “I love Pierre.” Sharon even revealed, “They were together about five years ago… before Paulo (Avelino), before Aly (Borromeo). I love him so much…”

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Asked if the two will tie the knot soon, Sharon said, “I’m sure they’ll tell us when it’s time but I am praying to God that this is it. You know why? He gets her, she gets him.”

Sharon enthused, “I hope they get married and give me beautiful grandchildren and I will kidnap them all.”