JM de Guzman apologizes to Rhian Ramos

JM de Guzman says sorry to Rhian Ramos after the actress was bashed because of romantic rumors.



11/28/2018 9:59 AM
JM de Guzman apologizes to Rhian Ramos

Photo credit: @1migueldeguzman on IG

Amid the backlash that they have received from some alleged JuanBie fans after being linked to each other, JM de Guzman posted a message for Rhian Ramos and apologized to the actress. Both stars got to work together recently on the movie Kung Paano Siya Nawala

In his post, JM expressed his gratitude to Rhian for choosing to work with him. “Tol. Salamat sa malupit na journey na makatrabaho ka. Sa pagkakaibigan na pinakita mo at pagiging totoo salamat ng marami. All I have for you is respect at malasakit at alam ko ganun kadin sakin. Salamat nakatrabaho kita. salamat sa talento at inspirasyon. tibay mo.. Salamat sa tulong,” JM wrote.

He then said sorry to the actress. “Stay strong, alam ko medyo masakit na. im Sorry. Ingat lagi kaibigan. Apir @whianwamos,” he said.


In response to JM's post, Rhian also expressed her gratitude to JM and remarked that she will always support the actor. 

"M, i always appreciate how you always come out of pain stronger, smarter, and better. Dont ever lose that about you. But if you ever need an extra push, you know I'll be there for you. It aint easy, but thank you for the friendship and thank you for this. [flexed biceps emoji] flex em," she said. 

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