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EXCLUSIVE: Alice Dixson holds charity bowling event for orphans

Alice Dixson shares what inspired her to do a charity bowling event for an orphanage.

Gary Ann Lastrilla

Instagram: @iamgaryann


11/27/2018 09:30 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Alice Dixson holds charity bowling event for orphans
Photo credit: @alicedixson on IG

Actress Alice Dixson is set to hold her second charity bowling event for orphans this December. In an exclusive interview with PUSH, Alice said the event is, “All about doing something for other persons who cannot do it for themselves. And in this instance, I’m helping children who are currently in an orphanage get foster parents or hopefully, get into homes as they are up for adoption as well.”

Alice is supporting the Kalipay Foundation, an orphanage for children who were abused, abandoned, and victims of human trafficking. “The Kalipay Foundation gives them a place to study as they have social workers who also do teaching and in their compound, they have a school where they can learn and play.” This foundation, she said, also provides ways for international and local adoptions. 

Sharing how the whole thing came to be, Alice recalled the time she visited the orphanage about two years ago when she was in Bacolod and, “Saw how the children were treated, the facilities they had and overall, the general condition of the orphanage.” “Napabilib ako sa director/directress nito because they give a lot of care and love to the children na ‘yun ang higit sa lahat, pinakaimportante,” she added.

What inspired her to come up with a bowling event? 

“Every year or every six months, I do something for charity like an event or a fundraiser, or an outreach. Last year, we were thinking of what to do for my birthday with my friends. And one day, we went bowling. We had so much fun that I thought why don’t we do a charity bowling event?” 

A director-friend then helped her how to produce a charity event and, “Lo and behold, in one month, we were able to raise a quarter of a million pesos and we really enjoyed putting it together. And of course, our charity was very happy.” 

Alice said she is happy with the support that their initiative has been receiving. According to the actress, they were able to find a bigger venue, more participants and support through sponsorship and donors. “I’m very grateful to all the sponsors who have participated. We even have anonymous donors and of course, to my celebrity friends who are taking time out their busy schedules,” she said.

“And also every year, as the event grows, we’re gaining more and more participation, and also, most importantly, awareness for the charity. You don’t have to play bowling or be a sponsor or donor to actually help. You can also go directly through the website www.kalipaynegrensefoundation.org to find out how you can foster a child or even adopt. I have a lot of friends and family in the US who’ve asked how to sponsor a child because it only takes P8,000 a year and you can feed, clothe and shelter a child,” Alice shared. 

The charity event will be held on December 9 from 2 to 5 in the afternoon at E-lanes Bowling Center, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills.