Saab Magalona chooses to give back on her 30th birthday

With her birthday coinciding with Prematurity Awareness Month, a cause that’s close to her heart, Saab Magalona, together with her supportive husband Jim Bacarro, chose to celebrate with premature babies and their mothers in an intimate charity event


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11/26/2018 5:00 PM
Saab Magalona chooses to give back on her 30th birthday

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For her 30th birthday, Saab Magalona decided to give back through an intimate charity event held for premature babies in a public hospital in Quezon City last Sunday, November 25.

“Best way to spend my 30th birthday: spent the afternoon at East Avenue Medical Center to give donations to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and to the mothers of NICU babies! I partnered up with Lisamarie Santos, the admin of a FB group that really helped me through trying times: NICU Families and Preemie Support Group,” shared Saab.




Aside from inviting pediatrics specialists to give a talk, Saab also partnered with brands specializing in baby products to donate clothing, accessories, and diapers for infants. As for the mothers, she donated two boxes of electric breast pumps to be utilized in the hospital.

“Breastmilk is so important, especially for premature babies, so expressing milk while the neonates are too small to actually latch will make sure milk production won’t stop. So happy! Thank you so much!” wrote the Cheats vocalist, who came with her supportive husband, Jim Bacarro.






Francis Magalona’s daughter went through a rough time earlier this year after losing one of her twin babies due to pregnancy complications. Fortunately, her baby boy survived and is now in perfect health. The unico hijo was named after Saab’s late grandfather, Pancho Magalona.


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