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Toni and Alex Gonzaga share most valuable lessons they learned from their parents

If there is one major thing that Toni Gonzaga admires most about how they were raised by her parents Pinty and Bonoy, it is making them work hard for what they want and making them realize that everything is not served on a silver platter.


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11/26/2018 11:53 AM
Toni and Alex Gonzaga share most valuable lessons they learned from their parents

Photo credit: @cathygonzaga/ @celestinegonzaga on IG

Celebrity siblings Toni and Alex Gonzaga are very proud of how they are raised by their parents, Pinty and Bonoy. Despite being perceived as strict parents, Toni revealed that she has learned a lot from them and that she is glad they were taught the value of hard work. 

Ang pinaka na-admire ko sa parents ko and what I admired from our past growing up is we didn’t have everything that we wanted in life. they just provided us with what we needed. Lahat ng wants namin hindi namin nakuha nang lumalaki kami so we really needed to work hard. Whatever it is na gusto namin in life, we worked hard for it and tinuruan kami ng parents namin na life doesn't give you everything that you want. You have to earn it. Everything is earned, it's not given,” Toni said in an interview with PUSH No Filter. 

Meanwhile, Alex shared that she adores the fact that her parents do not defend them if they do something wrong. 

Ako ang pinakagusto ko naman sa mommy at daddy ay hindi nila kami kinakampihan lagi so ‘pag meron kaming maling ginawa alam namin na wala kaming backer at walang magtatanggol sa amin. So kailangan talagang maging maayos kami,” Alex said. 

On the most valuable lesson her parents taught them, Toni shared that it is putting God at the center of her life. 

“[They taught me that] no matter where you are in life and no matter what you will achieve in life if God is not the center of it, it's empty, it's hollow, it's worthless. If God is not the foundation and the reason why you are doing all of it, parang it doesn't mean anything. You will always feel empty, unfulfilled. There will always be something missing kung hindi si God ang naging center nong dream mo in life or ‘yung ina-aspire mo in life,” Toni shared.

Alex added, that their parents instilled the importance of faith in facing challenges. “Ang pinakatinuro sa amin is ‘yung everything works for good for those who love God. So kung meron mang failure, hindi kami dapat malungkot kasi lahat ng aming pinaghihirapan o pinagdadaanan namin ay may bunga ‘yun, ibabaik ni Lord kung maniniwala ka lang sa kanya,” Alex relayed. 

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