Issa Pressman formally introduces her girlfriend

“Truth is, love does really win.”

Issa Pressman formally introduces her girlfriend-Paulea Benoza
Paulea Benoza

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11/23/2018 05:39 PM
Issa Pressman formally introduces her girlfriend
Photo credit: @pressmanissa on IG

After months of dropping hints about her love life, Issa Pressman finally introduced her girlfriend, singer Marga Bermudez – popularly perceived in her industry as Marga On the Mic – in a promotional video for a local toothpaste brand just recently.

In the beginning of the clip, Marga gushed about how she instantly had a crush on Issa the first night that she saw her. “I was beside [our mutual friend], and I asked him – she [Issa] was far – and I said, ‘Who’s that girl?’. And then he [asked], ‘Why?’ Well, “She’s like the most beautiful girl in this whole room so like who is she?’ Then, he told me that, ‘Oh! That’s Issa!’.”

While discrimination against LGBTQI+ couples remains to be rampant, Yassi Pressman’s sister said that she didn’t have a hard time coming out as bisexual to her family. “For them, it was just, ‘If you’re happy with what you’re doing, if you think that what you’re doing is something that would make you happy, could make you happy, then go ahead.’”


For the two, love in its nature is simple. “If you find love and happiness in a person, then that’s love and happiness. So yeah, you are free to love. Truth is, love does really win.”

Watch the full video here.