Korina Sanchez bids her final goodbye to her rescue dog

Run free in heaven, Raven!

Korina Sanchez bids her final goodbye to her rescue dog-Paulea Benoza
Paulea Benoza

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11/22/2018 03:41 PM
Korina Sanchez bids her final goodbye to her rescue dog
Photo credit to: @Korina IG

It’s a tough week for Korina Sanchez as she mourns the loss of her pet dog, Raven, a twelve-year-old Aspin-Collie mix whom she rescued from Philippine Animal Rescue Team in Bulacan earlier this year.

In a series of Instagram posts on Tuesday, November 20, the news anchor shared that she and Raven clicked instantly upon their first day of meeting – something that people from the shelter didn’t quite expect. “She didn't leave my side. We just clicked immediately. The shelter people tell me Raven never did this with anyone else. By the end of my visit I already knew, I would soon go back to take Raven to her #BestLife yet, with me,” wrote Korina.

Soon after fostering Raven, the two, together with Korina’s other pets, have created a bond like no other. Amongst her fondest memories of the rescue dog was simply staying in and cozying up to one another. “I've taken Raven on a few car rides, but mostly, we stay home where she loves to lie on the floor looking out into the garden. She loves to conquer a spot on the sofa. I play calming dog music every night when she sleeps,” said Korina.

This went on for seven beautiful months, until Raven started to suffer from an abnormally high creatinine level. “Despite all the best medicines and supplements for Raven, her kidneys were still failing. But Heaven answered my prayers for more time with her. I could not believe that a dog with a [creatinine] level of 700 would still even be alive. The normal is less than 200. My beautiful Raven is a fighter. She wants to live. Vets say aspins are the sturdiest. Their instinct is to survive. And they live to please the owners who love them. Raven wanted to live for me,” mused Korina.