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  • The Queen of All Media recently launched into a tirade after being accused of using her “charm” for prosecutors to rule in her favor.

Kris Aquino lashes out at former business associate: “I hate thieves”

The Queen of All Media recently launched into a tirade after being accused of using her “charm” for prosecutors to rule in her favor.

Paulea Benoza

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11/14/2018 04:58 PM
Kris Aquino lashes out at former business associate: “I hate thieves”
Photo credit: @krisaquino on IG

It appears that Kris Aquino isn’t yet done from sparking controversy after launching into yet another tirade against an unnamed former business associate, whom she reported for qualified theft in seven different courts in Metro Manila recently.

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The man in question reportedly retaliated to Kris’ previous claims by saying that she’s “charming her way” through getting the prosecutors to rule in her favor. Unsurprisingly, this irked the actress even more, prompting her to release a series of text messages from her counsel regarding the case.

“Hi Kris. What do you do if you have no defense to a complaint for QT? Delay! That is the current strategy of N****’s lawyers. They are asking for the inhibition of the entire San Juan Prosecutors office. And they may do the same thing for the others, probably even the QC court in the civil case,” reads the text from her lawyer, Attorney Sigfrid Fortun.

When asked about her reaction to the counterargument, the “I Love You, Hater” star didn’t hold back from pressing her foe even further. "Utang na loob, anong klaseng defense ‘yan? Bakit nung MILYONES ang commissions na kinikita galing sa akin, kulang na lang lumalakad ako sa tubig sa pambobola at pagpuri sa akin dahil sa binansagan niyang ‘Kris Aquino Magic’?”

With regard to the “delaying tactics” of the other camp, Kris suspects that it might have something to do with her sons Bimby and Josh, who, in one instance, paid respect to the defense attorney despite their unfortunate situation. “Hindi ata kinaya nung abugado nung kabila na kahit na pera ng mga anak ko ang pinaglalabanan, automatic kay Kuya Josh na makipag-shake hands bilang pagbigay galang, and normal kay Bimb ang yumakap—kahit sa abugado ng kalaban.”

According to the TV host-turned-vlogger, the former associate, with whom she worked for 16 months, is currently in hiding abroad since September 26 of this year. “Isn’t it an accepted belief that FLIGHT is already an admission of guilt? Or at least an indication of profound fear?”

Kris then went on to share what triggered her to take a formal legal action against the businessman. “I HATE THIEVES. Because I work to the point of sacrificing my health and I have accepted not having a partner to grow old with—because I will never allow my sons to ever be looked down upon by anybody because they are through no fault of theirs—being raised by a single mom in an unconventional home with no father. 

“I didn’t just share my millions, I shared the credit for my career’s resurrection... and I shared my 100% trust. He had the same signing privileges for our company bank account. He had an equal credit limit for the KCAP credit card regardless that my company is a sole proprietorship. GREED made him ungrateful and I was treated like a fool. There was never even an effort to cover his tracks because a BDO credit card paper trail over just a 3 month period when he had the company credit card, including charges for even ?95 cups of coffee were left for me to see because all bills were addressed to my home.”


To cap off her speech, the 47-year-old star challenged the businessman to face her, as any decent man should. “I challenge this man—I believe you need some ‘balls,’ you no longer have to steal some of mine—I am willing to share because I have much more than I need—they are now ready to be flown to Thailand... I am sure Secretary Teddyboy Locsin can help facilitate the delivery care of the Philippine consulate."