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Rhian Ramos reveals how she feels about JM De Guzman: ‘Baka nga mahirap siyang mahalin’

Rhian Ramos talks about her favorite scenes in the new romantic drama ‘Kung Paano Siya Nawala’.


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11/13/2018 9:35 AM
Rhian Ramos reveals how she feels about JM De Guzman: ‘Baka nga mahirap siyang mahalin’

With her first TBA Studios project Kung Paano Siya Nawala set to hit theaters on November 14, Rhian Ramos said that her favorite scenes in the film were when her character Shana had light romantic scenes with Lio (played by JM De Guzman). JM’s character is afflicted with facial blindness, making it hard for him to recognize people.  “Ang daming magandang moments eh. Ang galing kasi ng pagkasulat. They really made the movie so full of moments of, ‘Oh my God that’s happened to me!’ I really like the way Shana tries to remind Lio na, ‘Hey it’s me!’ She does it kasi in a very playful way and I thought it was very cute. But I also really like the parts of when they’re getting to know each other and they’re starting to show each other their true selves na. Yung pinakita na intimacy dun sa mga characters na parang gusto ko din. Yung parts where they’re starting to fight, oh my God I love those scenes,” she shared.

The 28-year-old actress said that she and JM worked well together, but it was highly unlikely for any real feelings to develop between them “Hindi, wala naman. Kasi I think when you’re working with someone, kailangan mo din ng constant effort na hindi ka lang nag-method (acting). Kasi madaling ma-attach when you’re doing a love story with someone. We see it happen all the time. Pero for me, to be professional is to give a constant effort to not let that happen. Kasi kung mangyayari man yun, kailangan walang kinalaman sa work. Kailangan mangyayari siya tapos na yung project, tapos na yung lahat. So kami, we were just being professional during the movie,” she explained.

Rhian also offered another reason why there was no off-screen romance between the two despite both of them being single at the moment. “Honestly, I felt like baka nga mahirap siyang mahalin eh. In a sense na it’s scary and you know that he’s not in a state where love life is the priority. He’s catching up on a lot of things and I support him in that stage and that’s not the stage I’m in either so hindi naman kami nahirapan to keep it on set, yung parang ganun,” she said. Rhian said she is proud that she and JM both helped produce the movie and did their best in acting. “Actually itong movie na ito masasabi ko talaga na binigay namin lahat for sure. Wala akong tinira sa sarili ko dito,” she added.