EXCLUSIVE: Edward Barber shares his most challenging PBB memories: ‘Nababaliw ka minsan’

Edward Barber reveals what he misses about the PBB house.

EXCLUSIVE: Edward Barber shares his most challenging PBB memories: ‘Nababaliw ka minsan’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/13/2018 09:30 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Edward Barber shares his most challenging PBB memories: ‘Nababaliw ka minsan’

With the opening on the newest season of Pinoy Big Brother, former housemate Edward Barber said he can’t wait to see who the newest batch of housemates will be. “I’m so excited. I’m really excited for it. I don’t really know what’s going on but I’ve been asking PBB if Maymay (Entrata) and I could come back since our season ended. I’m so excited to go back. I am not 100% sure yet what is going to happen and even if I did know I couldn’t say. Basta ang masasabi ko lang excited na excited ako,” he shared during the STR8 Men’s Fragrance official launch held last November 8 in Makati City.

Barely two years since he first joined PBB, Edward said he already misses some things inside the house. “It’s just that feeling of being a housemate, doing the challenges. Anything is possible as a housemate. Everything you think is not possible, anything you think is impossible, the bahay ni kuya has a way of changing that. So he has a way of making everything that you want to be possible become possible. Akala ko dati hindi ko makikilala si Liza Soberano. Nakita ko siya sa loob ng bahay tapos si Maymay nakita si Enrique Gil. Every dream that you could have can come true inside PBB. So excited na ako para sa mga bagong housemates,” he shared.

One of the hardest challenges he had to face in PBB was how to kill time. “Yung pinakamalaking pagsubok sa loob ng bahay ay yung mag-stay lang, manatili lang sa bahay. Kasi minsan pag wala kang task, wala kang challenge, nababaliw ka minsan. Kaya dapat andun yung mga kaibigan mo. Hindi mo kaya manalo ng PBB na wala kang kaibigan. Kasi yung housemates, sila yung pamilya mo. Kasi if you’re not social, mahihirapan ka. Nahirapan ako nun kasi hindi ako marunong mag-Tagalog. Pero yung ibang housemates sobrang accommodating,” he said.

As the Fourth Big Placer of last year’s season, Edward shared his advice for the new housemates on how to make it until the very end. “Kung gusto niyo manalo ng PBB, make friends. Earn the experience. Enjoy it with the housemates. Yun ang advice ko. Mahirap yung transition phase sa simula pag bagong housemate ka. Yun ang hard part sa tingin ko na dun ako nahirapan. So I want to be part of that hopefully,” he added.

After catching up with Edward at the STR8 Fragrance launch, the Fantastica actor talked about his personal love for good perfumes. “It’s part of my day. Anyone who knows me well knows that every time I go on stage before a performance or anything I have in ASAP or going on set, I always put perfume on. For me it’s always going to be the sweeter smelling perfumes. I don’t really like the heavy scents or the really pungent ones. I’m more about the sweeter perfumes,” he explained.