Pinay singer Bella Santiago advances in X Factor Romania

The 28-year-old mom secured her spot with KZ Tandingan’s rendition of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” during the 4 Chair Challenge.


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11/11/2018 10:23 AM
Pinay singer Bella Santiago advances in X Factor Romania

Photo screenshot from: The X Factor Romania Youtube Video

Filipina singer Bella Santiago has recently secured a spot in the X Factor Romania after delivering an outstanding performance anew. 

For the Four-Chair Challenge, the 28-year-old mom belted out KZ Tandingan’s rendition of “Rolling in the Deep” originally sung by Adele, leaving judges and contenders in the studio speechless. This came right after her audition for the show made waves online, wherein Santiago did a remarkable medley of Jessie J’s hit singles “Bang Bang” and “Burnin’ Up”. As of today, the clip, which was uploaded on Facebook page X Factor Global, has gained a shocking number of 20 million views.

Many sang praises for the newest Pinoy Pride, including KZ who reposted the “world-class performance” on her Facebook page. Delia, who mentors the contenders, has also expressed her confidence in Santiago following the act. “Bella Santiago has everything. I do not see who can match it! I like her stage presence and looks as if there is no one to take her out of there. You are a complex artist with a very good energy. I have a feeling that I can win X Factor with you.”

Meanwhile, Santiago dedicates her success to her daughter and mother, whom she hasn’t seen for two years. “I work very hard for them and I’m very thankful for them to give everything one day, what they don’t have. ‘Cause when I was younger, I don’t have nothing. I don’t even have time to play because I have my grandmother ‘cause my mother let me there. And my childhood is very ‘trist’, and I’m very thankful ‘cause God gave me my voice to use ‘cause we don’t have money to go to school. I want my daughter to have a better life.”

Santiago is only one step closer to getting to the Live Show, but first has to battle with Christian Sanda in the Duel Round.