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EXCLUSIVE: JayR and Mica Javier share plans for their nature-themed wedding

JayR and Mica Javier reveal why they decided to schedule their big day for 2020.


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11/11/2018 9:47 AM
EXCLUSIVE: JayR and Mica Javier share plans for their nature-themed wedding

Photo credit to: @rnbjayr IG

After five years of dating, singer JayR and Los Bastardos actress Mica Javier finally got engaged last October and the two couldn’t be any happier. “I don’t know. it feels like we’re on cloud nine. It feels more fun to be together kasi may security na hindi na-feel dati. Hindi naman sa hindi ko na-feel dati pero it’s more tangible now, the security of being together as a couple. So it makes us just have more fun. Like it’s more fun and relaxed,” she said. JayR admitted he feels the same way about his fiancée. “Ako kilig na kilig. As in everyday when I wake up, I have a smile on my face because I’m just very happy lang. You know life is good,” he added.

Although the couple said they will not allow planning for their wedding to put pressure on themselves, they already have some idea of how they want their wedding to take place in the year 2020. “We’re very simple so most likely the wedding is going to be very simple lang, small, intimate, and definitely not next year. Kasi her brother is getting married. We want to be in nature for sure. Not sure yet kung sa beach or mountain or vineyard or outer space, or whatever (laughs). So maybe in 2020 pa,” he shared.

Mica says they want their big day to be true to their personality as a couple. “No pressure on us right now because I think we’re the chillest couple ever (laughs). Basta we want our wedding to have something that has to do with nature because me and JayR mahilig kami sa adventure. It’s part of our personalities to be one with nature,” she explained.

Undeniably in love, Mica and JayR share what was the one quality that made them decide to get engaged to each other. “There’s not one thing, there’s so many things. JayR has always been supportive of me throughout my worst and lowest times and my highest and best times. So his consistency in being there for me is what made me so sure about him,” Mica explained. Her fiancé took some time to think about his answer before admitting, “Mahirap yun ah. Madami. Pero if there was one thing definitely that convinced me, it’s the independence of Mica. She doesn’t rely on anybody. Talagang masipag siya.”