Ding, Ang Bato! Bretman Rock transforms into 'Darna'

New Darna Liza Soberano approves of Bretman's transformation!



10/28/2018 3:48 PM
Ding, Ang Bato! Bretman Rock transforms into 'Darna'

Photo credit to: @bretmanrock IG

Online sensation Bretman Rock is currently taking social media by storm as he recently transformed into Pinay superhero Darna for Halloween.

Wearing Darna's iconic red two-piece superhero suit while fiercely posing in front of his newly-bought Mercedes Benz and walking along the streets of his neighborhood, Bretman also added some wind effect for a more impactful depiction of the Pinay superhero. 

"This year I wanted to pay tribute to my Filipino superhero—Darna. Growing up I watched all of her shows and movies and I have always identified with her because she's a bad bitch and she swallows balls. Tag a Filipino and I bet they know who this bitch is," he wrote in the caption. 



In another Instagram post, Bretman showed off his curves and well-toned physique. 

"A picture of a strong Filipino woman," he wrote. 



A picture of a strong Filipino woman 💄🇵🇭

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Meanwhile, on Twitter, Bretman's photo has garnered over 9,000 retweets, and 65,000 likes in less than two hours. 



Apparently, Bretman sent Liza Soberano a direct message on Twitter and sent her a photo of him donning the suit. And yes, Liza approved!

"Omg gurl I heard you were gonna be the next Darna! I'm dressing up as her this year lol," Bretman stated. 

Then, Liza replied by saying, "Yeah I am! You look fine."



Though there is no release date yet for the film reboot of Darna, Liza has confirmed that she already shot scenes as Narda.