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Daniel Matsunaga supports women’s and children’s advocacies

Daniel Matsunaga explains why these advocacies are close to his heart.



10/27/2018 11:28 AM
Daniel Matsunaga supports women’s and children’s advocacies

Daniel Matsunaga joined fellow Avon brand endorsers Ruffa Gutierrez and Bettina Carlos as they hosted an event held at the Quezon City Memorial advocating regular breast self-examination as one way to combat breast cancer. It was attended by breast cancer survivors and fellow advocates, as well as Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte.

Daniel is no stranger to the devastating effects of the big C. “My grandfather, my mom’s dad, died last year from cancer,” he shared. As such, he offered full support towards the #pinkminute advocacy. “I support the entire movement for women out there to prevent breast cancer.”

During the event, Daniel listened intently as Dr. Rachel Rosario explained the steps of conducting a breast self-examination as well as the symptoms of early detection. He was quite surprised to find out that even men can fall victim to the disease.

“I didn’t know that guys have the possibility of getting breast cancer. Even if it’s a low, low percent, it’s still possible.” Understanding the need to spread the knowledge, he also lit a pink light, signifying his commitment to the the movement.

Aside from the Pink Minute advocacy, he is also active in the Rotary Club. Daniel is also busy with preparations for the Matsunaga Academy. “I have a few partners already in Brazil and in the States. We are planning to bring the Academy to the Philippines, to promote football to kids here.” They are still in the process of ironing out all the details, but a number of people have already reached out to him with the intention of partnering up.

“I love the sport,” he explained. “I have been playing football since I was young. I played professional football for about five years. For me, it’s my passion.”

Daniel believes that Filipinos are naturals when it comes to the sport. “There’s not much support, but the talent is there. Filipinos are very skillful, very fast. You just need proper training.”

As for showbiz projects, Daniel is shifting work to the digital platform. “Right now, I don’t have a show yet, but I am working on digital and social media.” This platform, he said, is where the future is heading. “We are working on materials for the future.” Meanwhile, he is also engaged with a movie project. “It’s called A Spark in Samar with Empress. We’re still working on it.