Sharon Cuneta shares what she thinks of Kathryn Bernardo

Sharon Cuneta tells anak-anakan Julia Barretto not to get jealous of Kathryn Bernardo.


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10/22/2018 8:24 AM
Sharon Cuneta shares what she thinks of Kathryn Bernardo

As she is currently working on her reunion movie Three Words to Forever with Richard Gomez, Sharon Cuneta took to her Instagram to also share how she feels about Kathryn Bernardo, who will play her new onscreen daughter for the very first time. 

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In the post dated October 20, the Megastar also mentions Julia Barretto (who played her daughter in her last film Unexpectedly Yours), warning her not to get jealous about her new “unica hija” on camera. 


Sharon wrote: "Now I understand what Inang Olive Lamasan and Tita Malou Santos, our Star Cinema bosses, and our director Cathy Garcia-Molina, meant when they said that this little girl Kathryn was super mabait. It’s been so easy falling in love with this, my new screen daughter. (No, Julia @juliabarretto I love you both in different ways cos you are different people! No selos okay? Hahaha!) Kath is truly precious. Grateful for this chance to work with her! @bernardokath