Rhian Ramos: 'Kid Kardashian looks more like me than I do'

Rhian Ramos approves of Hashtag Kid's trending transformation as Kid Kardashian.



10/21/2018 3:08 PM
Rhian Ramos: 'Kid Kardashian looks more like me than I do'

Hashtag member Kid Yambao undeniably wowed the online world when he set foot on the It's Showtime stage looking like a goddess for noontime show's Ms.Q &A anniBEKSary special.  

The 19-year-old Hashtag member - who seems to have been getting a lot of comments that his 'Kid Kardashian' transformation looks more like Rhian Ramos than Kim Kardashian - mentioned the 'Fallback' star in a photo that he shared on his Instagram stories. 

See photo below: 

Rhian Ramos, who appears to have either watched the Miss Q & A segment or saw Kid's photos online, gave her seal of approval. 

"Kid Kardashian looks more like me than I do," she wrote on Twitter. 



Of course, Kid thanked Rhian for praising his trending transformation. 



Apart from Rhian, Kid Yambao's transformation was also compared to the likes of the stars from the comedy film White Chicks, The Four contestant Zhavia Ward, and Hollywood actress Lily James. 







Meanwhile, Jhong Hilario as Alakdawn Zulueta won the Miss Q&A AnniBEKSary edition. 

Miss Q&A AnniBEKSary edition was part of It's Showtime's Magpasikat 2018 which celebrated the show's 9th anniversary.