Lea Salonga, pinuri si Daniel Padilla

This is the reason why the Broadway star was impressed by Daniel Padilla.


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10/11/2018 9:18 AM
Lea Salonga, pinuri si Daniel Padilla

Lea Salonga took to Twitter to express her admiration for Daniel Padilla's professionalism. On her Twitter page, the Broadway star recounted a conversation she had with a musical director who was impressed by Daniel's work ethics. 

"Was recently in an online conversation with a musical director friend. It made me so happy to hear that a really popular artist that he's currently MD'ing for is a consummate professional, showing up at the first rehearsal knowing his material," Lea shared.

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The singer remarked that this gives her hope that the new artists would give their best for their craft. 

She said, "It gives me hope in the younger generation of artists and performers, that they take this showbiz thing seriously enough to want to give their fans the best they can. (As for the identity of this young one, itago na lang sa pangalang Daniel Padilla.)."

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