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6cyclemind on KZ Tandigan: “Iba yung talento niya”

6cyclemind expressed their desire to work with KZ Tandingan and Morissette in the future.

Paolo Lim


01/26/2018 04:19 PM
6cyclemind on KZ Tandigan: “Iba yung talento niya”
Photo credit: @kztandingan (R) IG


6cyclemind is inarguably one of the best OPM bands this generation has ever had. From producing memorable love anthems to some of the best local hits over the past decade, 6cyclemind also inspired a new breed of music artists. Now that they are part of the Star Music family, the alternative rock band promises to deliver new materials in the coming months, focusing on digital streaming platform releases. 

“We're very excited and very thankful for this opportunity to work with Star Music kasi I think it goes in line sa direction namin lalo na ngayon sa digital. We all know how strong social media is now, ‘yung digital age. So tamang-tama eh. Swak na swak. Ang ganda ng timing, 'nung pasok ng taon,” frontman Tutti Caringal said. 

With their latest collaboration being with no less than Queen Mother Karla Estrada for the song “‘Di Na Atin," the band behind hits such as “Princesa” and “Upside Down” revealed other big artists that they would want to work with in the future - especially now that sky is the limit to work with some of the most prominent artists in the industry. 

“Right now, andami pa. Personally lang ‘to, I’ve always wanted to work with Morissette. Sobrang galing ni Morissette so in the future,” Tutti said.

“KZ. KZ Tandingan. Fan din kami. Ever since nung start pa lang alam namin na iba siya compored to other artists. Special. Iba ‘yung talento niya,” lead guitarist Herbert Hernandez added.

Asked what their new song is all about, Tutti said, “It’s called 'No Rewind, No Replay'. Basically it’s self-explanatory naman. Wala ng ano, move on na talaga. Kumbaga kung there’s no chance of getting back together, bakit pa? We all believe in the saying na 'Don’t cry over spilled milk' na ‘pag yan natapos na, maghanap ka na ng iba kesa pinupunish mo lang sarili mo na pinagpipilitan mo sarili mo sa isang tao eh ang dami naman diyan. Kumbaga two less lonely people in the world. Meron at merong isang tao para sa’yo.”

Apart from 6cyclemind, Star Music also signed a new roster of millennial artists that fans should watch out for in the coming months including former child star L.A. Lopez, rising teen heartthrob Brian Gazmen, YouTube sensation RJ Agustin, Martin V., and  Zion Aquino.