EXCLUSIVE: Paulo Avelino on secret to youthful look: ‘I’m a pescatarian now’

Paulo Avelino shares how he maintains his physique

Kristhoff Cagape


09/06/2017 10:15 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Paulo Avelino on secret to youthful look: ‘I’m a pescatarian now’


Paulo Avelino expressed his elation that viewers can finally watch his new series The Promise of Forever. The series will start airing on September 11.

“We’re excited because we’ve been working on this TV project since early last year and now na we finally have a play date, we’re happy and excited to show the people what we’ve worked for on this offbeat love story that we have to offer to our audience,” he said in an interview with PUSH.

The actor is headlining the soap with Kapamilya star Ritz Azul. Paulo commended the actress’s professionalism and remarked that he had a great working experience with her. “Masarap siya katrabaho, madali, I mean she’s very professional on the set and she’s easy to work with in general,” he said.

Paulo will play the role of an immortal in the series. “I’m playing the role of a guy who was blessed to be immortal so ayon parang the question of this role is what do you do when you’re given like you can live forever? So anong pwede mong gawin to give back or to help your community or to [help] the human beings,” he stated.

Speaking of “immortals”, the actor was asked about the secret to his youthful looks. Many fans have noticed that Paulo doesn’t seem to age. He shared that the secret is basically eating healthy.

“You have to eat well. I’m a pescatarian now, [I just eat] fish and veggies. Growing up, I didn’t really eat a lot of fatty food. It’s personal parang I never liked the taste of it. Now slowly I’m trying to improve my dietary habits or my dietary food intake and ‘yun proper exercise and sleep, I try to get as much sleep as possible,” he revealed.