Billy Crawford gets baptized as a Christian

Joan Leary


09/25/2017 01:19 PM
Billy Crawford gets baptized as a Christian


Billy Crawford faced a new chapter in his life and had a deeper relationship with  God when he got baptized.

 In a clip that he shared on Instagram, the It’s Showtime host wrote, “This is the start of a new beginning! Glory be to God, thank You for this amazing journey. Thank you to my mentor, brother and friend @lamumar for guiding me through this.”

After sharing the good news, he greeted his fiancée Coleen Garcia on her birthday and shared how grateful he is to be with her.

“To my love, I wish you all the best and success with everything you're doing. Our God has started things with you that He will finish. It's time to rejoice and be thankful for you in all of our lives. Thank you for being in mine. Thank God he gave me a wonderful fiancé. Cheers to you cheers on your birthday. I love you so so much!”