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EXCLUSIVE: Camille Prats on her second pregnancy: ‘Gusto ko na manganak’

Camille Prats is ready to pop any time now at 38 weeks of pregnancy.

EXCLUSIVE: Camille Prats on her second pregnancy: ‘Gusto ko na manganak’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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09/22/2017 09:12 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Camille Prats on her second pregnancy: ‘Gusto ko na manganak’


At almost 38 weeks into her pregnancy, Camille Prats revealed she is expecting their newest family member to arrive within the month. “I’m due na any time. Waiting na lang to go into labor kasi we’re really hoping for a normal delivery. So far the doctor said naman she doesn’t see any reason kung bakit hindi magiging normal. Nasa waiting game na kami ngayon a month before my due date para rin to really prepare everything in the house before she arrives. Everything is all set na. Our hospital bags are ready, my husband’s bag and the baby’s bag are ready. Wait na lang talaga kami,” she shared during the Cucina King Sue event held last September 20 in Taguig.

Camille said she was more relaxed going through her second pregnancy even though it started out to be challenging. “It’s actually harder in a way kasi parang the first three months was really very hard for me, yung paglilihi and everything. But somehow it’s lighter because I am more active during this pregnancy. I was working until my eight month. I just went on leave about a few weeks ago. So parang mas active ako mas magaan yung katawan ko compared to when I was pregnant with Nathan,” she recalled.

The TV host-actress said she is hoping to go through natural labor this time around. “Kasi with Nathan it was an induced labor because the amniotic fluid was really going down and it was painless. I gave birth in the States so I don’t remember feeling any labor pains. So with this one talagang everything is a mystery to me. Parang I don’t know kung ano yung labor pains na sinasabi nila, I don’t know when is the right time to go to the hospital so parang bawat maramdaman ko parang oh my gosh, ito na ba yun? So ang ginagawa ko lang super walking. I walk at least 30 minutes a day to help induce labor kasi gusto ko na manganak and the baby’s getting bigger na rin inside,” she explained.

Currently on leave from showbiz, Camille said she has been enjoying a lot of family time. “I’m so glad I took a leave quite early before my due date kasi it gave me a lot of time to actually prepare for the room, to bond with Nathan and my husband before our baby girl arrives kasi when she comes naman it’s going to be an entirely different routine so I’m glad I was able to spend that time with them. I will be on leave until December. I made paalam to my bosses that I’ll be on leave for three months and they gladly allowed it and they really understand. I’ll go back to hosting around December,” she said.

The 32-year-old actress said she is already mentally preparing herself and her husband for the new arrival. “I’m telling my husband nga na we have to be very flexible kasi not because we can manage Nathan that it would work for our baby girl. So kailangan kilalanin natin ugali ng anak natin so we know how to address properly discipline, proper love, kasi iba iba talaga yung bawat bata. So yun siguro yung parang adjustment ko. So far yeah we are set na. We’ll announce her name when she comes out (laughs). Short wait na lang,” she shared.