WATCH: Wil Dasovich undergoes first chemotherapy

WATCH: Wil Dasovich undergoes first chemotherapy-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


09/20/2017 04:14 PM
WATCH: Wil Dasovich undergoes first chemotherapy


Wil Dasovich has begun his battle with cancer.

After being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, the popular YouTuber underwent his first chemotherapy at University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. Wil was accompanied by his father Steve and Pinay cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao during the procedure.

Despite such a delicate and serious procedure, Wil still managed to keep things light and positive.

“I knew we would be in the hospital all day so i did my best to keep things entertaining and just have fun with it. This was my first chemo experience in the hospital as I went through the process.”

Wil will be discussing the side effects of the treatment and how he will handle the challenge ahead on his next YouTube video blog.

Watch the video below: