Designer Edwin Uy creates Winwyn Marquez’s national costume for Reina Hispanoamericana 2017

Designer Edwin Uy defends himself against bashers.

Designer Edwin Uy creates Winwyn Marquez’s national costume for Reina Hispanoamericana 2017-Jeff  Fernando
Jeff Fernando

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09/20/2017 10:34 AM
Designer Edwin Uy creates Winwyn Marquez’s national costume for Reina Hispanoamericana 2017
Photo credits to @wynmarquez IG, @edwinfuy IG


Ang fashion designer na si Edwin Uy ang gagawa ng national costume ni Winwyn Marquez sa paglaban nito sa international pageant na Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 na magaganap ngayong November 4 sa Bolivia.

Nag-post sa kanyang social media account si Edwin nang bumisita si Winwyn sa kanyang shop na may caption:

"Winwyn Marquez visiting my shop for her national costume to be used on her international pageant this coming October, the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017."

Suki na si Edwin sa paggawa ng national costumes ng Philippine representatives sa iba’t-ibang pageants gaya ng isinuot nina:

Parul Shah para sa Miss Grand International 2015, Best National Costume

Angelee Delos Reyes, second place sa Miss Earth 2013 National Costume competition

Karan Singhdole national costume sa Man of the Year 2016

Chanel Olive Thomas, BB. Pilipinas 2017 Best in National Costume

Camille Hiro, Miss Global 2016 Best National Costume

Narito naman ang pahayag ni Edwin sa kanuang inspirasyon sa magiging costume ni Winwyn:

"Regarding the national costume design for Winwyn Marquez in her upcoming competition, the Hispanoamericana pageant, we (Winwyn and some people from Aces and Queens) have discussed all the technicalities and possible inspirations for her costume. I hope some people like bashers give me the respect as a designer in making her design as I believe I have proven myself already by winning several national costume awards both in the local and international pageants. Something with Spanish influence but design has to be unique in their eyes so we can catch their attention. (sic)

"I will try my best to make a design for Winwyn to win this special award by making a design that will stand out from the rest. I respect the terno and maria clara design but time in memorial (sic) has proven that no matter how lovely our ternos and Maria Clara dress have been, we never won a best national costume award using these costumes. I believe that the design needs to unique at the right place and time. (sic)

"When I did my Maranao, Philippine eagle, warrior princess costumes in the past, they won and was chosen the best among all other costumes. There was a reason why I decided to use such designs on those pageants and I believe my reason behind such decision was right. That is why I won several times. I did Parul's Maranao costume in Miss Grand International 2015 even if I already did a Maranao concept in 2014 and 2015 bb Pilipinas cause it was Parul's request as she was very comfortable wearing and projecting such design. So even if other bashers thought and commented that my design was already redundant, we did not mind them. True enough, she won the best natcos award. It is not the bashers that we are suppose to please but the judges. And we were right. (sic)

"Same thing with Chanel Thomas costume which is Maranao inspired. I know i would get negative reactions from bashers but the fact remains that the judges of Bb Pilipinas natcos competition compose of Mrs. Araneta herself and her friends love my creation. When i entered the room to deliberate my design, I got an applause from all the judges as they love Chanel's costume. So I ask everyone to trust my judgement in designing Winwyn's natcos. Lets all be positive about this and stop all the negativities. Thanks and God bless everyone. (sic)"