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Ruffa Gutierrez admits her mom Annabelle Rama has D.O.M. suitors

Ruffa Gutierrez reminds her kids how to take care on social media.


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9/19/2017 9:48 AM
Ruffa Gutierrez admits her mom Annabelle Rama has D.O.M. suitors


Having just moved into her new home with her daughters Lorin and Venice, Ruffa Gutierrez admitted it is a challenge disciplining her daughters as a single parent. “Mahirap kasi you have to be strict and at the same time you have to understand them. If it’s two parents that are raising the kids, it’s easy kasi one is strict and the other one is mabait, lahat sino-spoil. So sa akin mahirap yun. So it’s really challenging to be a single mom but I think at the end of the day kahit na minsan hindi kami nagkakasundo ng mga anak ko, I always explain to them why,” she shared.

Now that even her younger daughter has an Instagram account, Ruffa revealed she has been advising them about how to act on social media. “I tell them that what you do now baka naman one day pagsisihan niyo. Yung mga friends mo three lang ang followers, nobody will care. Pero with you one day malay mo you want to have a career, you want to do some things, baka pagsisihan mo yung pinost mo nung araw especially mga bikini shots di ba? Okay na mag-bikini ka sa beach pero I remember me bago ako nag-bikini, aba kailangan endorsement muna di ba? Huwag ka post ng post. So you have to explain to them para maintindihan nila. Especially now in Instagram or social media ang daming mga lalakeng nag-ko-comment ng ‘hi, hello, how are you?’” she said.

While teaching her daughters about the dangers of being on social media, Ruffa candidly added that even her mom Annabelle Rama has admirers online even though it is public knowledge she has been happily married to Eddie Gutierrez for almost four decades now. “Even my mom gets indecent proposals. Sinabi sa akin ng sister-in-law ko si Alexa kasi di ba my mom can’t do social media? So nag-po-post siya one time, ang daming D.O.M. na naghahabol kay mommy. So kung kay mommy madaming D.O.M. na humahabol, what more the kids? Siyempre hindi naman papatulan ni mommy yung mga yun but they have to be aware. I don’t want them to be sheltered so much na mga inosente sila wala na silang alam,” she revealed.