How To Be You Po: Julie Anne San Jose’s Secret to Success

How To Be You Po: Julie Anne San Jose’s Secret to Success-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit


09/18/2017 10:51 AM
How To Be You Po: Julie Anne San Jose’s Secret to Success


We can’t really blame you if you want to be like Julie Anne San Jose. She’s charming, beautiful, and passionate. But perhaps one of the best words to describe Julie Anne is “multi-hyphenate”—after all, she is a singer-songwriter-actress-host (whew!) at 23 years old. How did she get so successful at such a young age? We got to chat with this phenomenal talent during her launch as one of the new faces of Cream Silk, so we asked her for you!

 “I’ve been through a lot,” Julie Anne starts with a smile, recounting her transformation from a struggling solo performer to a successful multimedia performer. “But I was able to break through and break free from everything that was holding me back.” One of her biggest accomplishments was being able to juggle her studies (she’s now a legit Communication Arts graduate!) with the launch of her third album Chasing The Light. That’s no ordinary feat! Her secret? “You have to work hard, be patient, persevere, and always, always keep your feet on the ground.”

Because of her amazing journey, it’s no wonder Julie Anne became one of the new faces of the country’s number one hair conditioner. “I’m really glad that Cream Silk chose me as one of the seven women to represent the brand and champion the advocacy as well. It makes me feel more determined and inspired to break free and do whatever I want and inspire a lot of women.” Like Julie Anne, Cream Silk continuously evolves, now offering 7 customized solutions that are carefully formulated to address Filipinas’ different hair problems. Cream Silk gives you the power to transform to who you aspire to be. And if, like Julie Anne, you aim to be a multi-hyphenate in your own right, remember that you can always have the power to transform!