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Iza Calzado shares an unforgettable moment on the set: ‘Tumulo pa yung laway ko’

Iza Calzado reacts on the supposed rivalry between her and Bea Alonzo on ‘A Love to Last’.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


09/01/2017 10:09 AM
Iza Calzado shares an unforgettable moment on the set: ‘Tumulo pa yung laway ko’


As she plays the role of one of the TV characters people love to hate on primetime television on weeknights, Iza Calzado said she is actually enjoying bringing to life Grace in A Love to Last. “I thoroughly enjoy playing Grace and I just realized parang for several years I’ve been playing a lot of martyr roles and yung kinakawawa and somehow I just realized I enjoy this more. For some reason it’s fun to play nakakaawa kasi you have the sympathy of the viewers however when it comes to building the character I find this a lot more interesting. Parang there’s more room and space to play with the character. I’m so grateful that I got to play Grace. So I’m really grateful kahit i-bash man nila ako. I lovingly accept it with open arms (laughs),” she explained.

Iza clarified that she is not meant to be a villain in the soap where she plays Ian Veneracion’s selfish ex-wife. “Actually my portrayal of Grace is pa-kontrabida but of course in any story there has to be an antagonist and there should be a complicated situation. Fortunately and unfortunately in some ways I have to be the one to create such tense situations for the family and for the relationship. So ako yung nagla-lash out yung bashers. But they’ve been very kind actually considering I’m a kontrabida. Because walang evil sa show. It’s so interesting actually to see that with just these small things nag-re-react na sila. Hindi ko pa nga nahahalikan hinawakan ko lang yung kamay nagwala na sila oh (laughs). Hindi pa kami nagsasampalan,” she said.

With their explosive confrontation scenes, Iza said there is actually no tension between her and co-star Bea Alonzo on the set. “I think it’s a normal question whenever there are two women being pitted against each other in a show. Buti na lang wala naman talagang ganun kasi I respect Bea not just as an actress but as a person. She has never made me feel kumbaga slighted in any way. Basta laging magaan yung samahan at relationship sa set. I feed off her energy and I would like for her to feed off mine,” she shared.

As the series is on its last five weeks, the Kapamilya actress looked back on her most memorable moments on camera. “Maraming highlights dito. Yung I want an annulment siguro is the most memorable in terms of audience impact especially. And siyempre working with Ian Veneracion is always a breeze kasi we’ve been working together for years now and every time I have a scene with Bea it is also memorable because I like the dynamics. I respect her a lot as an actress and gusto ko na yung generous din siya at matalino na artista so masarap katrabaho,” she said.

As a dedicated actress, Iza admitted she couldn’t help but get carried away in one of the dramatic scenes. “Personally naman I have one scene na parang I liked for myself. It was when nadisgrasya si JK (Labajo) and it was at a hospital and parang the scene was so heartfelt for me na tumulo pa yung laway ko and isa yun sa mga bucket list ko eh, yung tumulo yung laway ko sa scene,” she added.