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  • World Vision ambassador Jasmine Curtis launched the 2,000 Children in 1,000 Hours campaign last August 22.

World Vision ambassador Jasmine Curtis advocates helping children all over the country

World Vision ambassador Jasmine Curtis launched the 2,000 Children in 1,000 Hours campaign last August 22.

World Vision ambassador Jasmine Curtis advocates helping children all over the country-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/24/2017 09:43 AM
World Vision ambassador Jasmine Curtis advocates helping children all over the country


As one of the youth ambassadors of World Vision Philippines, Jasmine Curits said she is a proud sponsor of three children for the past few years. “Child sponsorship has been around for the longest time pero this time we want to fast track it. Kumbaga we want to do more and encourage people to really sign up to sponsor a child. You can request naman and pick a province pero puwede na rin sila bahala kung saan banda but it’s nice rin to be able to pick one per community kasi you want to tbe able to help and be widespread with that. Ako I have one in Cebu, I have one in North Mindanao, I have one in Aklan so tatlo na yun and they are all now entering their teenage years. Dalawang 12 years old, isang 16 years old so it’s nice because you can see the progress and the development. They always send you reports annually. Sometimes you can request din and you can send gifts din and letters any time. They can do the same. So the communication and the contact is very easy,” she shared during the World Vision Philippines presscon held last August 22 in Quezon ccity.

Along with her fellow ambassadors Tippy Dos Santos and Joyce Pring, Jasmine hoped that more Filipino youth can enjoy their childhood just like her when she was growing up. “I want them to enjoy being a kid. Kasi at a young age there are kids who worry how to help their parents, how do they eventually get to the point na sila yung kikita, sila yung mag-pro-provide or hindi na nila inaalala na kailangan magpa-sponsor. So I want these kids to feel na they’re well taken care of and there are people supporting them and they can enjoy playing with their friends. I went to grade school here and kinder and nursery as well. High school lang ako nasa Australia eh so I had a very Pinoy childhood. May patintero, mga tago taguan, yung mga black and white na how you choose teams, yung mga ganun. So I experience all of that and that was just so memorable for me and it’s something I want kids to have now because I don’t want them to worry kumbaga. I don’t want them to have any worries as a kid. Saka na yun pag adulting na sila,” she shared.

MYX VJ Tippy Dos Santos who is currently sponsoring two children also wants them to experience growing up and enjoy things like being a fan. “My favorite childhood memory would have to be when I was in grade three or four. Uso pa nun yung Meteor Garden. Naalala ko uso pa nun yung mga stroller bags na matigas yung taas. Tapos nalaglag ako ng stairs kasi nagmamadali ako after school to watch Meteor Garden. Tapos napagalitan ako ng mom ko kasi sabi niya hindi na daw ako nakakapag gawa ng homework, blah, blah, blah. And I always remember this because dun ko natutunan na dapat pala kaya mong i-prioritize ang Meteor Garden at ang studies and that for me really inculcated the value that studies are important and that’s what brought me to where I am now. I graduated college. I never let go of my studies even as I was working. So that is a memory that I hope other children will get to experience na alam ko minsan hirap sila makahanap ng school, hirap sila makadating dun. But I had the privilege watching TV and studying at the same time while a lot of children walang TV sa bahay. So I’m hoping that through us, hindi man sila makanuod ng TV pero ma-realize nila kung gaano ka-importante ang education at kung ano ang madadala nito sa buhay mo,” she recalled.

World Vision ambassador for Child Sponsorship Joyce Pring just hopes kids will appreciate the value and benefit of getting a good education. “I got into Quezon City Science High School which is the fondest childhood memory that I have. At that time I didn’t know the gravity of being able to get into a science high school but after I got into UP I realized that’s why it’s important. Because not only did I help my parents be able to put me through school with less money getting out of their pockets but at the same time you have an amazing education provided for you by the government. So that was really something. It was also because I realized that whatever it was that I went through as a child growing up in an environment that wasn’t really the most ideal of all environments, it’s that education really changes the course of your world aside from your faith in God and your family. Education really kind of helps you define who you are and makes you realize what you want to do for the rest of your life. I was very good in Biology,” she shared.