Karylle shares what she admires most about Solenn Heussaff

Karylle talks about the challenges of a managing her home.

Karylle shares what she admires most about Solenn Heussaff-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/23/2017 10:03 AM
Karylle shares what she admires most about Solenn Heussaff


Just three years after getting married, Karylle said her taste in interior design has changed, partly influenced by her husband Yael Yuzon. Karylle recently designed her own space at the Urban Filipino Home exhibit held at the Shangri-la Plaza. “My style before getting married was pretty much the same. I didn’t realize the big impact Yael has on me na ang dami ko na ring games. Kasi before parang iniisip ko ang daming kalat but I was looking at this one movie set and I really love that they had a stack of board games and I said I’d love to have that in a home. May collection ako dati, naubos na at napamigay,” she shared.

Karylle admitted that she and her husband constantly work keeping their house in order. “Being both artists, it was our biggest challenge as a couple because it’s just the two of us at home. So we had to learn how to manage it ourselves and kind of start to be a bit more neat so we get tips here and there from couples on how to keep your house so clean and what do you do, even little things like grocery tips. Do I think as a couple we learned it together. That’s why we also didn’t want to have kids at first. Parang we wanted to both enjoy, adjust, and learn. It’s not a pressure but I need to learn how to do it myself. Of course people guide me but it’s just really the two of us at home so it’s nice,” she shared.

One of Karylle’s inspirations on how to live a good domesticated life is her fellow celebrity Solenn Heussaff. “Me and Yael fight over being clean all the time. Kasi we’re both artists so we both have to step up our clean game. Which is funny because it’s such a small thing but again I always cite Solenn. I’m sure she wasn’t brought up like a lot of Pinay girls like at least for my generation a lot of my peers we didn’t grow up doing chores, being great in the kitchen. So looking at her, I asked her if it’s just the two of them also at home and she does the cleaning. And if you check her Instagram she’s always cooking before taping. So when people tell me it’s tiring, I said yeah because we weren’t brought up that way. Do ako gusto ko parang pag nagpalaki ako ng kid parang Solenn. Yung talagang hindi na siya mapapagod pagtanda niya na marunong na siya sa bahay at sa kusina,” she explained.

September will prove to be an exciting month for Karylle and her It’s Showtime co-host Vhong Navarro as they perform together abroad in a series of shows called Tawag ng Tawanan. “Next month I’ll be going on my very first concert tour in U.S and Canada with Vhong Navarro so that’s up next. But aside from that sa acting wala pa for now. I’ve done a lot of shows but I’ve never been really offered a tour so I’m excited. It’s my first time. It’s going to be lots of fun, lots of laughter. We’ve grown close because of Showtime talaga so it will be fun actually doing a concert tour together. We will take a short leave from Showtime,” she explained.

At 36, Karylle said she has already gotten used to people constantly bringing up the topic of when she will start having babies “I know. People have been asking me lately if I’m pregnant which is like funny and I guess very Pinoy. So I’m like, ‘Do I look that fat?’ Sometimes I’m a bit conscious about being fat. I just try to understand that that’s just people being excited,” she said.