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Anne Curtis launches her passion project Dream Machine Philippines

Anne Curtis shares how she plans to make other people’s dreams come true.

Anne Curtis launches her passion project Dream Machine Philippines-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


08/22/2017 09:50 AM
Anne Curtis launches her passion project Dream Machine Philippines


After a year of planning and brainstorming for her latest endeavor, Anne Curtis finally launched her Dream Machine platform. “Ang dami kasi talagang nangyari sa akin na maganda so gusto ko ibalik yun, how to pay it forward, and that’s how this came about. I have always been a dreamer. In my 20 years in showbiz I have worked hard to reach for my dreams. I am blessed to have already achieved most of my dreams and it’s now my turn to be able to be a blessing to others through this. Dream Machine will be a platform wherein people who want to want to pursue their dreams or make their dreams happen can be vocal about it on the website and hopefully we can make these dreams come true for you,” she shared during the Dream Machine Philippine launch held last August 21 in Quezon city.

As the Dream Machine founder, Anne wanted to encourage people to either dare to dream or volunteer help other people’s dreams come true. “Isa po itong passion project para sa akin kasi I’ve reached a point na parang ang dami talagang mga pangarap ko na nagkatotoo so naisip ko paano na ako makakapagbigay na ulit? How can I give back? How can I encourage others? Kaya nabuo ito na Dream Machine where people can go online, they can submit their dreams, and then hopefully we can make them happen for you. So this is open to everyone. Isa siyang machinery where you can either be a chaser of dreams or a dream maker. Kung gusto mo mag-volunteer, puwede ka mag-donate din. Wala kaming pinipili na edad, gender, or where you are in life. It is open to everyone,” she explained.

Despite her busy schedule, Anne said it was important for her to focus on making this project a reality. “Very, very personal ito sa akin kasi parang isa akong dreamer dati na na-di-dream shame din ako, sarili ko ring naiisip na parang hindi ko kayang abutin yung mga pangarap na yun. So I changed my way of thinking and I thought to myself, ‘I will make my dreams come true.’ And here I am today standing in front of all of you na thinking, ‘Okay I’ve reached my dreams. How can I give back?’ Gusto ko i-encourage yung mga taong hindi naniniwala na puwede mangyari yung mga pangarap nila. And there’s a whole team of people who are willing to help you,” she said.

With a busy career and an upcoming wedding to plan, Anne said she only has one dream in mind that she wants to fulfill. “Siguro ang puwede ko na lang ipangarap, one of my biggest dreams is to have a healthy family. My own healthy family in the future. I think yun na yung puwede ko ipangarap eh. I mean that’s one of my biggest dreams. Sa career ang hirap eh kasi heto na nga gumagawa na nga ako action film na pinaka-dream role ko eh. So hindi ko pa alam. Pero I’m sure a new dream will pop up one of these days. pero as of now I’m very, very happy,” she added.

As for her advice to parents who discourage their children from pursuing their dreams, Anne hopes to create a community of support and inspiration. “Sa mga magulang, sa mga pamilya, sa mga kaibigan na nakapaligid, sa mga taong na nag-di-dream shame, please don’t do this. Please encourage people, encourage other people to pursue their own dreams because it really makes a difference in one person’s life when they have such a good support team around them telling them na puwede mong i-pursue yung pangarap mo. You can have your dreams comes true. Kung medyo nahihirapan sa ibang bagay, Dream Machine is that area where you can go and be vocal about your dreams,” she said.

Learn more about Anne Curtis’s Dream machine by visiting the website and start sending in their dreams on https://www.dreammachine.ph.