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Michela Cazzola on Ricky Lo’s article: ‘I feel extremely offended'

James Yap’s girlfriend Michela Cazzola reacts to Ricky Lo’s controversial article.


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8/18/2017 8:28 AM
Michela Cazzola on Ricky Lo’s article: ‘I feel extremely offended'

Photo credits to @kriqsaquino and @michelacazzola IG


James Yap’s Italian girlfriend Michela Cazzola remarked that she was offended by the story written by The Philippine Star entertainment editor Ricky Lo about her son’s birthday party. The story was titled Bimby no-show at MJ's party which was also called out by Kris Aquino on her Instagram account.

Michela said, “I feel extremely bad, I feel extremely offended because you should never use kids, you should never use babies to create intrigues or to create headlines just to sell or to attract attention. It was really uncalled for. And Kris and I talked regularly and we already agreed for the boys to meet privately so you know it was really unexpected and I don’t even want to comment because I don’t want to give importance to something that doesn’t deserve importance.”

She added that she was hurt because someone tried to create intrigue out of the birthday party of her son. “I feel really hurt and offended because it was the celebration and a birthday party and somebody maliciously wanted to make it like an intrigue or something. The malicious part was really bad taste,” she stated.

Michela stressed that she and Kris had already agreed way in advance that MJ, Josh, and Bimby would meet privately.

“We invited the half-brothers, I love the kids, but graciously they informed me way in advance that they would prefer to meet privately and I said it was a very wise decision because they are kids and why do we need to make it like a show business thing, so way in advance we agreed,” she relayed.