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Why James Reid is the new Pedro Penduko

Viva Films explains Pedro Penduko will be given a “modern twist.”

Gary Ann Lastrilla

Instagram: @iamgaryann


08/12/2017 12:08 AM
Why James Reid is the new Pedro Penduko


After it has been announced that actor James Reid will portray the iconic role of Pedro Penduko, the news did not sit well with some fans of the Komiks icon. Producer Viva Films, through an article on their website, shared the reason why the actor was chosen as the new Pedro Penduko.

Originally created by Francisco Coching, James will be playing the reimagined version of the one written by Regene Estolatan.

James will take on the role of Peter Harris, a bullied kid in the United States who, after his adoptive father dies mysteriously, flies to the Philippines to search for his biological mom.

This is where his adventure begins. "When he finds her, he learns that she has been a victim of a curse given by a ruler of Eastern Kasamaan."

"As he embarks on a journey to find a cure, he learns so much more than what he originally set out to discover. That he is no ordinary human, and that he may be the prophesied 'chosen one' who will save the entire town from the rising evil that threatens it," the synopsis read.

Viva added, “The modern twist aims to revitalize the dated imagery of the superhero for a new generation of Filipinos."

Pedro Penduko has already been portrayed by four other actors. Efren Reyes Sr. was the first one to play the role of Pedro in a movie and was followed by Ramon Zamora and Janno Gibbs respectively. Matt Evans was the first to portray the Komiks character on TV.