Claudia Barretto reveals debut details and guest list

Claudia Barretto say her debut will be an elegant and intimate event.


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7/6/2017 10:22 AM
Claudia Barretto reveals debut details and guest list


Young singer Claudia Barretto, who is turning 18 years old on July 26, is preparing for her debut on August 5 at White Space Manila.

“It’s our summer break and most of my friends are abroad so I wanted to make sure they’re all home by the time I celebrate,” she told PUSH.

A formal debut with program, Marjorie Barretto’s youngest daughter said that they did not really pick a particular theme. “It’s just going to be a very elegant night with my closest friends and family. And, we’ve been meeting with the designer and my conceptual director and all those people for the debut. But yeah, it’s just going to be a very elegant and intimate event for my closest friends and family.”

She also said that she will not have an escort but nonetheless, will have the ‘18 roses’ part of the program.

Will her father Dennis Padilla attend the party?

“Yeah. Well, we’re inviting him so hopefully, he can make it.”

Apart from her family members, her best friend Juliana Gomez, the daughter of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres, will also be there, as well as her schoolmates and a few family friends.

Some friends of her sister Julia are also invited, such as her love team partner Joshua Garcia. “He’s close to my family already so for sure, he’s invited.”

As for her gown, it will be designed by Mark Bumgarner. “It’s my first time to work with him so I’m really excited to see how it comes out because his ideas are actually really nice. I’m actually excited for it,” she said.