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EXCLUSIVE: Former PBB teen housemate Mikee Lee shares his success story in Singapore

The ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition season 1’ runner-up is now a strategy and planning professional in Singapore.


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7/3/2017 2:27 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Former PBB teen housemate Mikee Lee shares his success story in Singapore


Former Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Season 1 housemate Mikee Lee is enjoying a thriving career now in Singapore. He is now a strategy and planning professional in “The Lion City”.

“For the past few years I was working for a consumer goods company, where I helped identify growth opportunities for a portfolio of brands in the region. This is also where I learned what good work looks like. Starting this year, I will be working for a firm that invests in and builds new businesses in Asia - where I will contribute to find ways to grow portfolio companies,” he told PUSH.

The former teen housemate shared that his internship in Singapore back then became a stepping stone for him to start a career there. “I had the chance to be recruited to intern from the Singapore office, which I thought was really cool and unexpected coming from Manila. At the time it seemed like a good idea since I could get a 'trial run' of sorts to live at a beautiful country abroad. After the internship I was lucky to receive an offer, and have been on this path since,” he shared.

Mikee was the runner-up during his edition next to Kim Chiu. Though he did not end up staying long in show business, Mikee took with him great memories about the industry. “It was a pretty entertaining time - a lot of highs and lows and a chance to meet some interesting and influential people. I will miss the friends I had made, some are still in show business and some have moved on. I will also miss the shoots, production numbers and the times we would go around the country to meet fans and supporters. Looking back, that was a pretty cool time .I think being in front of a lot of people all the time helped me build quite a bit of confidence that helps me now,” he said.

Mikee still get recognized as one of Kuya’s former housemates even abroad. “Especially in Lucky Plaza in Singapore,” he shared. Asked if he is still in contact with his former housemates, he relayed, “Some of them yes, but not too often. We more usually just comment on each other’s Facebook pages and express how much we miss each other.”

He visits the Philippine every one to two months. He confessed he misses numerous things about the country. “I miss family and friends a lot, but I get go visit often for either business or life reasons. I also miss Ateneo - and the teachers and classmates I had. I miss how warm people are to each other and how festive we can be - that is something you cannot easily find abroad unless you are with other Filipinos.”

Living and working abroad has been a very meaningful journey for Mikee. As to the most valuable lesson he learned from his life in Singapore, he shared this important realization. “[I realized] that openness and confidence is half the battle won - the rest is hard work and executing with clarity of thought,” he stated.