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EXCLUSIVE: Tony Labrusca on working with KathNiel: ‘I feel a lot of pressure’

Tony Labrusca talks about playing Jake in the primetime series ‘La Luna Sangre’


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7/22/2017 10:11 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Tony Labrusca on working with KathNiel: ‘I feel a lot of pressure’


Tony Labrusca is thankful for the positive reception of the viewers about his performance in the hit primetime series La Luna Sangre. The actor did not expect the positive feedback considering that he is still new in the industry.

“For me sobrang happy ako. Sobrang masaya po ako na ganon po ‘yung reaction nila sa character ko, sa pinaghirapan ko in terms of my acting kasi bago pa lang ako, hindi ko talaga in-expect na I would have that much support from people right away kasi bago pa lang ako. With that said, I just want to say thank you very much for supporting and understanding that I am still brand new and for taking that in as well. I am really excited to grow with my character and to grow as an actor,” he said in an interview with PUSH.

Many noticed Tony’s convincing portrayal of his werewolf character in the series. The former Pinoy Boy Band Superstar contestant said that his imagination has helped him get into his character.

“I actually didn’t have too much when it comes to acting what I did though nong bata pa ako sobrang wide na ng imagination ko in terms of pretending to be a werewolf. Trust me when I was a kid I already pretended that I was a werewolf, I already pretended that I have super powers. When I played this character okay let me just remember how I pretended when I was a kid and let’s just use that. Let’s bring that creativity na I had when I was younger and even today sobrang [mahilig] kasi ako sa mga videogames lalo na sa Tekken so ‘yung imagination ko it is super creative talaga so I think that’s what helps me in terms of my acting,” he shared.

Tony admitted that he feels pressured working with Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo especially since he is playing as the third wheel to their characters. Despite the pressure, Tony is determined to give justice to his character in the soap.

“At first, even until now, I feel a lot of pressure when I found out that I would be the third wheel because I want to do my role justice. This is such a big opportunity that has been given to me and I mean this is once in a lifetime opportunity just even to be able to work with Kathryn and DJ. You know they are like the biggest stars here in the Philippines so I feel so honored and my priority is to do my job and to really do justice for this show.”

He added, “You know, they give me this part and I really want to honor that and do my best for it. I feel the pressure sometimes especially that I’m brand new but working with DJ and Kath, they understand that I am brand new, we are all humans here, they are friendly to me naman and that helps ease the pressure,” he said.

Viewers also praised his good onscreen chemistry with Kathryn. Tony attributed his effectiveness as a third wheel to the creatives behind the series.

“I think ‘yung attack kasi dito ng creatives for Jake is his priority is not to win Malia’s (Kathryn’s character) heart eh. His priority is to be the best friend that Malia needs you know and it is evident. Halata na Jake cares more for Malia in a sense na nakikita natin na he has feelings for her pero ‘yung priority talaga niya is mabuhay si Malia at ma-fulfill niya ‘yung propesiya. His main objective is not to take her heart and to be Malia’s boyfriend. I think with that attack on Jake it is really working well - ‘yung mag-best friends sila and that Jake is the type to do anything to help Malia and to just be there for her,” he stated.