Erik Matti shares details on what to expect from Liza Soberano’s Darna costume

Is Liza Soberano going to wear a sexy Darna costume?

Erik Matti shares details on what to expect from Liza Soberano’s Darna costume-Kristhoff  Cagape
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07/19/2017 10:12 AM
Erik Matti shares details on what to expect from Liza Soberano’s Darna costume


Erik Matti shared some details about the costume that Liza Soberano will be wearing in the much-anticipated Darna movie. He remarked that Liza’s look will be based on the comic books.

“I think bottom line is Darna has to be presented, after 23 to 24 years of not having Darna on the screen, I think she should be presented in the best superhero look possible and whatever it is that we love about the Darna costume—how was she envisioned in the comic book—I think that's what we are trying to achieve,” he said.

He added that the costume will not only be aesthetically beautiful, but also a very functional one as well. “Definitely it will be modern, contemporary, progressive kind of costume for our Darna. And I've seen what’s on the net na. I've been tagged by everyone actually. I collected all of those pictures but we are going with a totally new and different [one]. We wanted a costume that is utilitarian, functional but at the same time can logically come out from Narda to Darna. That’s where we are coming from. It’s more than just aesthetic. It’s more than just cosmetic. It’s more than just trying to be sexy. It really should be the functional characteristic of a costume for a superhero,” he stated.

The director relayed that Liza already took workshops with him in preparation for the role. “We sat down. We have another schedule this week. I am doing some workshops with her. Last week we sat down, we presented what we want to happen with her,” he said.

On choosing Liza to portray the superheroine, Erik remarked that it was a collective decision of the whole Darna team.

“We all unanimously decided Liza being Darna. She’s fresh, she’s young, she could grow into the role. It’s like a breakout role, actually breaking out role niya from a sweet young teeny actress, she’s slowly going to graduate into becoming a serious actor. And I think parang tama lang ‘to for her. Remember it is going to be a franchise, she is not just going to come out in one,” director Erik stated.