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EXCLUSIVE: Has Ping Medina forgiven Baron Geisler?

The Yes! 100 Most Beautiful Star shares how he has moved on from the peeing incident last year on the set of Bubog.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


07/17/2017 09:11 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Has Ping Medina forgiven Baron Geisler?


After making headlines last year when he took to social media to share his anger at his then co-star Baron Geisler, who had peed on him on the set of the indie film Bubog, Ping Medina revealed that he is in a better place now more than half a year after the incident. 

“It’s not really something I focus on. You know he was like still messaging me but I was seen-zoning him all the time. Eventually I had to block him on Facebook,” he shared during the Yes! 100 Most Beautiful Stars magazine launch in Quezon city.

The talented actor walked the red carpet with his siblings Alex, Karl, and Victor, who are all on the list of 100 most beautiful celebrities. 

“It’s fun because it’s with my family and my kuya and yung bunso namin kasi pareho silang late bloomer sa industry so I’m really excited for them because they’re coming out. Watch out for them. Among my brothers, I’m the moody one (laughs). Minsan joker minsan wala sa mood,” he said. 

Aside from planning to start a new food-related business soon, Ping also shared he has also been focusing on scriptwriting this year. 

“Same pa rin naman. It’s something naman I can do simultaneously like being a creative and acting. I’m doing just the usual stuff but now I’m more of concentrating sa writing. I’ve always been developing but never finishing but right now this time I’m developing a script with direk Dondon Santos. He’s the director of Northern Lights and Noy. It’s loosely based on the things happening in Marawi but it’s not set in Marawi. It’s somewhere in southern Mindanao,” he divulged. 

The 33-year-old actor admitted he also needs to work out more this year apart from achieving his other career goals. Ping said he is also still in the process of rehabilitating his right hand after injuring it while punching a wall in anger after the incident with Baron happened. 

“I need to get into shape first (laughs). Kailangan ko na ibalik yung eight-pack, nine-pack ko, hindi joke lang according to Deadpool. I’m slowly getting back to boxing and Muay Thai. Slowly I can use my right hand na for sports and for exercise but it’s not 100% yet but it’s getting there,” he said. 

When asked if he has already forgiven Baron for the incident, Ping gave a diplomatic yet indirect answer, “Right now I just don’t really think about it.