Coney Reyes: ‘I think I’m a doting lola’

Coney Reyes reveals how she is as a mother and a lola.

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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06/07/2017 01:13 PM
Coney Reyes: ‘I think I’m a doting lola’

On Tonight with Boy Abunda, Coney Reyes revealed how she is as a mother to her three kids LA, Carla, and Vico. “I think I’m the mother I also wanted to be kasi I wanted to be loving and caring and just be there for them.”

She continued, “I may not be a perfect mother but I try my best to be the mother that my children need me to be in their lives.”

She also enthused that as a grandmother,” I think I’m a doting lola. I think that’s my privilege kasi I love my grandsons. They’re so adorable and alam mo naman ang questions ng mga bata no. Ang sitwasyon namin iba. Iba-iba ang mga family name namin. Iba ang last name ko.

On Fast Talk, Coney said she prefers lights on “kung sexy ako” and lights off “kung hindi.” Asked to choose between sex or chocolates, Coney says, “sex noon, chocolates ngayon!”