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Sharon Cuneta: ‘I owe millions and I’m not talking pesos’

Sharon Cuneta says she’s in debt but she’s far from bankrupt.

Sharon Cuneta: ‘I owe millions and I’m not talking pesos’-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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06/03/2017 12:17 PM
Sharon Cuneta: ‘I owe millions and I’m not talking pesos’

On Tonight with Boy Abunda, Megastar Sharon Cuneta revealed why she was emotional when she went to Los Angeles recently.

She said that after losing people who are very close to her namely, Sen. Kiko Pangilina’s dad, Wenn Deramas , Cornelia “Angge” Lee, Willy Cruz, and then her uncle; she then realized, “I am no longer 30, I am nearing the end as opposed to before. I was nearer the beginning.” And thus begins her introspection. “Have I lived my life the way I wanted to? Did I make the right decisions? I realized many times I did not, because I was considerate of other people’s feelings at my expense.”

She also said that part of her angst when she posted cryptic messages on social media was the anger from being robbed of their inheritance. “Hindi lang yun may mga galit akong nalabas. My parents trusted the wrong people, both of them. I am angry…. Because why didn’t he call us? Why didn’t he say nanakawan kami ng mana. Even my mom. I will not say who but it was a nurse of hers, stole even the Birkin I gave her. Stole the money that came from the sale of our house in Dasma where we grew up. I mean wala kaming minana so I am so angry.”

She also revealed, “I owe so much money and there’s no one to help me.” And then she clarified, “eto lang o ang ibig sabihin nun. I’ve always been a responsible investor and my investment… one property will cost, and I have several, between eight to nine figures. So it’s not easy to sell something that costs 150 million.”

Sharon explained further, “ang ibig lang sabihin nung I owe so much money and no one will help e kung nandito lang ang Daddy ko. Ang dami niyang tinulungang yumaman. Wala akong maasahan. E ako rin mismo ang dami kong natulungan. Wala palang lalapit sa akin, wala akong malapitan. I owe millions and I’m not talking pesos. Yun lang yun. I wish my dad was here.”

Sharon also stressed that she’s far from bankrupt. “I don’t mean to brag. I’m not bankrupt. I have been a billionaire since before I married Kiko. I don’t expect Kiko to pay for my utang kasi nga hindi naman nangingialam yan e. Di ba nga may prenup kami na suggestion niya kasi nga honorable yung asawa ko.”

Asked if she’s trying to liquefy her properties, Sharon said yes but that some cannot even be rented out “dahil ginagawa pa lang.”

Talking to herself in Boy’s magic mirror, Sharon said, “you are so blessed. You must thank more often than complain. Although you’ve always been grateful, you must think of how many people there are who are less fortunate than you. You must forgive yourself for decisions that are nobody’s fault but your own cause you made them.”

Sharon then became emotional and she broke down. “I miss you, Daddy. Daddy, I miss you so much. I miss my life with you. I miss Dasma. I miss being your child. I miss little Sharon. I miss Sharon in her 20s. I miss you Mama Mina, my mommy ko. I miss you and I miss me. I miss me.”