Big Bang’s T.O.P involved in a drug scandal

Big Bang’s T.O.P involved in a drug scandal-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit


06/02/2017 04:30 PM
Big Bang’s T.O.P involved in a drug scandal

In news reports by Korean sites Koreaboo and Dispatch, Big Bang’s T.O.P face charges on using marijuana, which is deemed an illegal substance by South Korean law.

It is reported that investigation on the K-pop idol began when a former 2NE1 stylist and close friend of Big Bang named Xin was arrested for substance abuse. Due to his work, authorities began examining his close relationships with many artists. However, no one was arrested as no evidence came up that these stars were involved in Xin’s usage of illegal drugs.

One year later, information on a girl trainee named Han Seo Hee were leaked to the police, revealing she was using marijuana. The investigation led to evidence linking her to T.O.P, who was said to have smoked with her in his home three times. After verifying evidence, T.O.P. was demanded to undergo a drug test and this came back positive. The singer-actor denied using marijuana at first but when confronted with evidence he later admitted to the deed.

Since the Big Bang rapper entered the military service last February and will allegedly receive suspension of the indictment. If found guilty, T.O.P can receive a sentence of up to five years in prison and pay a fine of 50 million won.

Big Bang’s management, YG Entertainment, has released a statement regarding T.O.P’s drug scandal and said the idol regrets his actions.

“First, we would like to convey our deepest sincerest apologies. After confirming details, Choi Seung Hyun [T.O.P] was in fact summoned for an investigation, under suspicion of smoking marijuana before his military enlistment.

He has complied with the investigation and has admitted to most of his crimes and is deeply regretting his actions. We are sorry to worry so many people.”