Sharon Cuneta calls ABS-CBN her “home”

Joan Leary


06/29/2017 05:45 PM
Sharon Cuneta calls ABS-CBN her “home”

Sharon Cuneta felt grateful in one of her Instagram posts where she called ABS-CBN her “home” despite going on “vacation” in another network.

She posted her ABS-CBN gallery photo on social media and wrote, “This has been hanging in one of ABS-CBN’s studio hallways for almost two decades now. They never took it down even when I went on a ‘vacation’ with another station! Home is home. ABS-CBN is mine.”



The Kapamilya network has been the Megastar’s mother network for more than 2 decades until she left and transferred to TV5 in 2011. She came back to ABS-CBN in 2015.